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Workers Compensation Act

Section 1 of the Workers Compensation Act (“Act”) provides definitions that apply to the whole Act. It precedes Part 1 of the Act. The Act is then organized into four Parts.

Part 1, titled "Compensation to Workers and Dependants," is organized into six Divisions:

  • Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 5 address matters such as compensation for injury, occupational disease, or mental disorder, survivor benefits; and the provision of health care and vocational rehabilitation assistance; as well as the scope, procedures and general powers of WorkSafeBC.
  • Division 4 of the Act addresses the collection of employer assessments (insurance premiums).
  • Division 6 addresses matters such as general powers of WorkSafeBC, governance of WorkSafeBC, and the process at the Review Division.

Part 2 deals with the liability of employers in industries not within the scope of Part 1.

Part 3, titled "Occupational Health and Safety," addresses matters such as the rights and responsibilities of workplace parties, joint committees and worker representatives, protection against OHS-Related discrimination, accident reporting, investigations, enforcement, offences, and WorkSafeBC administrative procedures and regulation-making authority.

Part 4, titled "Appeals," deals with appeals and the role of the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal.

The BC Laws site provides an unofficial electronic version of the Workers Compensation Act. The Province holds copyright and the official, printed version of the Act can be obtained from Crown Publications.