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Schedule 1 of the Workers Compensation Act

The definition of “occupational disease” under section 1 of the Workers Compensation Act (Act) includes a disease, including a disablement resulting from exposure to contamination, that is identified in Schedule 1 [Presumption of Occupational Disease Related to Specific Process or Industry] of the Act.

Schedule 1

Any disease listed in column 1 of Schedule 1 is by definition designated or recognized as an occupational disease. WorkSafeBC lists a disease in Schedule 1 in connection with a described process or industry wherever it is satisfied from the expert medical and scientific advice it receives that there is a substantially greater incidence of the particular disease in a particular employment than there is in the general population. Once included in Schedule 1, it is presumed in individual cases that fit the disease and process/industry description that the cause was work-related. This is the highest level of designation or recognition.

Section 137(2) of the Workers Compensation Act

If, on or immediately before the date of the disablement, the worker was employed in a process or industry described in column 2 of Schedule 1 opposite the occupational disease that has resulted in the disablement, the occupational disease must be presumed to have been due to the nature of the worker’s employment unless the contrary is proved.