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Workers Compensation Act - OHS Provisions

OHS Provision is a defined term in the Act about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

"OHS Provision" of the Workers Compensation Act (Act) is a defined term meaning a provision of Division 2 [Scope of OHS Provisions] of Part 1, and all of Part 2 [Occupational Health and Safety]. They address matters such as the rights and responsibilities of workplace parties, joint committees and worker representatives, protection against OHS-Related prohibited actions, accident reporting, investigations, enforcement, offences, administrative procedures, and regulation-making authority.

The following table provides links to the Divisions of the Act related to OHS.

Note: Division 5.1 is not in effect.

In addition to the OHS provisions of the Act, other provisions of the Act also apply to occupational health and safety, including sections from Part 5 – Review of Board Decisions, and Part 6 – Appeals to Appeal Tribunal, regarding appeals of health and safety decisions.

The BC Laws site provides an unofficial electronic version of the Workers Compensation Act. The Province holds copyright and the official, printed version of the Act can be obtained from Crown Publications.