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Get a clearance letter

While some exceptions exist, most types of clearance letters can be accessed online using our clearance letter application.

Clearance letter application

Searching for businesses

The application allows you to search for any business registered with us and view its clearance status. To find a business, use the firm’s WorkSafeBC account number (a six or nine-digit number) or the firm’s precise legal or trade name. You can search up to 150 firms at once.

You may want to print or save a copy of the clearance letter as a PDF for your records or to send to your prime contractor.

A clearance letter describing the status of the firm as “active and in good standing” is honoured up to the date to which the firm has satisfied its assessment remittance requirements. That date is shown in the body of the letter. Some firms qualify for GoldStar clearance status, which means they have a good history of reporting payroll and paying premiums to WorkSafeBC and their account has been active for 24 of the last 36 months; those firms will receive an advance clearance, usually to the start of the next quarter. Firms who prepay their premiums for the year will get advance clearance, to January 1 of the following year.

As a prime contractor, a clearance letter must be addressed to you to be honoured.

Clearance alert

Clearance alert is ideal for those who frequently require clearance letters and updates to clearance status for their subcontractors.

The application allows you to search for and create a list of your subcontractors; this list is maintained by you. The application will send you an email notification when the clearance status changes for one of your listed firms. For example, you’ll receive an email notification if the clearance status of one of your listed subcontractors changes from “good standing” to “delinquent”.   

You can receive clearance alerts by signing up for online services, then selecting “Manage clearance alert subscription” from the online menu.

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Letters that require you to contact us

Some clearance letters can be requested only by phone or fax. These clearance letters include:

  • Clearances that confirm a firm is not registered
  • Clearances that apply for a limited period of time
  • Clearances requiring project/file numbers or comments about the firm
  • Clearances when you are buying the assets of a firm

You should contact us before buying any assets from a firm. This is very important because, if the seller is indebted to WorkSafeBC due to unpaid insurance premiums, the firm’s assets may be subject to a lien in favour of WorkSafeBC. A clearance letter will protect you against these liens.

If you require assistance, please contact our Employer Service Centre.