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GoldStar clearance

GoldStar clearance provides advance clearance to firms to a future date.

GoldStar clearance is given to firms if all of the following apply:

  • Their account has been active for 24 of the last 36 months
  • Their account is up to date with paying premiums and filing payroll reports
  • They do not have any other outstanding liabilities owing to WorkSafeBC

If the firm has GoldStar clearance, we'll honour it up to the future date referenced in the body of the clearance letter (usually the start of the next quarter). For example, if a firm with GoldStar Clearance reports its payroll and pays its premium in the first quarter of the year, the firm would receive clearance to July 1 rather than April 1.


The benefits of GoldStar clearance vary depending on whether you are a prime contractor or subcontractor.

Prime contractors

If you are a prime contractor, you should frequently check the clearance status of your subcontractors to avoid potential financial liability.

When you hire a firm that has GoldStar clearance status, we will honour the clearance to the date shown in the body of the clearance letter, which eliminates the need to check and re-check clearances and reduces your potential liability during the period covered.

In order to protect yourself as a prime contractor, the clearance letter must be addressed to you.


If you are a subcontractor, you are often required to present a clearance letter as part of a bid for work with a prime contractor.

With a GoldStar clearance letter, the prime contractor will know you have advance clearance to a future date. As a result, you do not need to generate clearance letters as often to show the prime contractor you are in good standing and you will reduce your administration process and costs.

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