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For independent asbestos abatement operators: Asbestos training, certification & licensing

Training, certification, and licensing requirements are now in effect for asbestos abatement work to help keep people safe from the danger of asbestos.

What these requirements mean for independent operators

The Workers Compensation Act defines an independent asbestos abatement operator as:

An independent operator … is neither an employer nor a worker and … carries out the business of asbestos abatement work or carries out asbestos abatement work on behalf of another person in the course of carrying on another industry of the independent operator.

The following information describes how the training, certification, and licensing requirements may apply to independent asbestos abatement operators.

Training and certification

As of January 1, 2024, any person doing asbestos abatement work in B.C. must be trained and certified. This training will help ensure you are able to do this work safely, reducing the exposure to asbestos that can cause serious, long-term health problems.

The level of certification you need depends on the type of asbestos work you will be doing. Find out more:

Once you have completed training and certification, your certificate is valid for three years.


As of January 1, 2024, employers that carry out asbestos abatement work for others must be licensed. An independent operator who hires a worker to perform asbestos abatement is an employer and must be licensed.

Independent abatement operators who are not employers are not required to be licensed. However, you may choose to apply for a licence, as this could allow you to participate in work that requires a licensed contractor.

To apply for a licence, applicants will be required to be registered with WorkSafeBC and pay their assessments and administrative penalties. Having amounts owing to WorkSafeBC may affect your application for an asbestos abatement licence.

For more details on who needs a licence and how to get licensed, see:

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