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The following sections of the Workers Compensation Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, the OHS Policies, and the OHS Guidelines have been identified as being most relevant to joint health and safety committees and worker health and safety representatives. Included are requirements for and duties of joint committees, as well as the health and safety provisions where employers are required to consult with a joint committee or worker representative.

This compilation is provided only as a reference to identify sections relevant to joint committees. Other sections of law and policy will also apply to your workplace.

Guidelines Workers Compensation Act

Part 2 Division 4:
G-P2-21(1)-3 Bullying and harassment

Part 2 Division 5:
G-P2-32-1 Variations in joint committee requirements
G-P2-41-1 Joint committee course approval

Part 2 Division 9:
G-P2-60 Variance process

Part 2 Division 10:
G-P2-70-1 Participation by worker representatives in incident investigations
G-P2-71-1 Preliminary incident investigation and interim corrective actions
G-P2-72-1 Full incident investigation, report, and follow-up actions

Part 3 Division 12:
G-P2-83-1 Compliance agreements with employers
G-P2-94-1 OHS citations
G-P2-95-2 High risk violations

Guidelines to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation

Part 3:
G3.12 Refusal of unsafe work
G3.23 Young or new worker orientation and training
G3.26 Evaluation of joint committees
G3.27 Minimum training requirements for new joint committee members or worker health and safety representatives
G3.28 Participation in employer incident investigations

Part 4:
G4.9 Inspection and maintenance records (machinery and equipment)
G4.20.2 Hazard identification, elimination, and control
G4.21 Procedures for checking the well-being of workers
G4.53 Consultation (MSI)

Part 5:
G5.5 WHMIS program — Consultation on WHMIS education and training
G5.53-1 Workplace monitoring
G5.54-7 Drywall sanding requirements
G5.59 Investigating symptoms (possible exposure to a hazardous substance)
G5.97 Emergency plan

Part 6:
G6.10 Substitution (Asbestos)
G6.34-6 Exposure control plan - Pandemic influenza
G6.36 (1.4) and (1.5) Highest level of protection (medical sharps)

Part 8:
G8.33-1 Selection (Respirators)

Part 9:
G9.1-1 Excluded confined spaces
G9.11 Confined spaces - Qualified persons

Part 21:
G21.4 Blasting log