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Injunctions are court orders from the Supreme Court of B.C. that require a person or business to comply with the Workers Compensation Act, occupational health and safety requirements, or a WorkSafeBC order. Injunctions may also restrain the person or company from carrying on work in their industry for an indefinite or limited period, or until the occurrence of a specified event.

Publishing injunctions highlights the importance of making workplaces safe. Injunction summaries are available online and published in WorkSafe Magazine.

When an injunction is considered

We may pursue an injunction when there are reasonable grounds to believe that a person or company has not complied, or is not likely to comply, with the Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, or an order. We may pursue an injunction in addition to other remedies under the Act, such as an administrative penalty.

Under Section 97(2) of the Act, “persons” can include corporate and individual employers, owners, supervisors, suppliers, workers, and others.

For more information, see Section 97 of the Act and OHS Policy P2-97-1.