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Becoming a provider

If you want to work with us, we'll need an Expression of Interest & Qualification from you. If your EIQ is  successful, we'll award you a contract that explains our guidelines for treating injured workers and our fee schedule.

Getting started

Your first step in joining our network of physiotherapy providers is to submit an Expression of Interest & Qualification through Bid Opportunities. If you're successful, you'll sign a contract with us.

Checking a worker's claim status

You can perform an initial assessment within 60 days of the injury for any worker who has registered a claim with us. Before providing treatment beyond the assessment, please check that the worker's claim has been approved by us.

You can use our view claim status tool to check an injured worker's claim status with us. Your contract with us explains how to use the tool.

View Claim Status

You can check an injured worker's claim status by calling our Teleclaim team.

Providing Standard or Post-Surgical Treatment Services

Once you're part of our network of providers, you can offer treatment to injured workers needing these services. Sometimes people will contact you directly. Other times workers are referred to you by us, or through their employer or a physician.

Providing Home, Neurological, Vestibular, or Hydrotherapy Treatment Services

You do not need a contract in order to provide these services to injured workers; however, you are required to:

  • Get our approval before providing treatment by contacting the claim owner, or our Teleclaim team
  • Follow our fee schedules

If you're providing Standard, Post-Surgical, or Neurological Treatment Services, you can also provide Hydrotherapy as part of the treatment.