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Submitting reports & invoices

Using our Dentist's Report of Injury and a Standard Dental Claim Form or our online portal, My Provider Services, is the easiest way for you to get paid when you provide dental services to injured workers. You can check your payment status online.

Dentist and denturist fee guides

The current B.C. Dental Association and Denturist Association of B.C. fee guides set out the rates we pay for your services. Please make sure you use the fee codes listed in the guide(s) in your reporting and invoicing. Only codes listed in the guide(s) and pre-approved by us will be covered.

Reporting and invoicing


To complete the required reports, please use the following forms:

  • As soon as possible after the first examination, use the Dentist's Report of Injury Form 382, unless it's an old injury that was already reported.
  • For pre-authorization requests, use the Standard Dental Claim Form. Add "For Pre-Authorization Only" in the "For Dentist's Use Only" box. Include an estimate of the treatment and associated costs. There's no need to include completion dates or lab fees.

Fax or mail the forms to us at the number or address listed on the forms.

We'll let you know in writing if your estimate and treatment plan are accepted.


The Standard Dental Claim Form also serves as your invoice.

In the "Dentist's Use Only" box, add:

  • "Pay Dentist" - Where the worker has already made payment, add "Pay Patient," and include a copy of the receipt.
  • Patient's WorkSafeBC claim number
  • Your payee number

To avoid delays in payment, please type your information and remember to include a list of:

  • All the procedures performed, indicated by the pre-authorized procedure and tooth codes
  • Cost of each pre-authorized procedure
  • Lab fees, separate from dental fees

Fax or mail the form to us along with a copy of the pre-authorization letter. Our number or address is listed on the form.

With every invoice, we'll send you a remittance statement with explanation notes where applicable, including why an item wasn't paid, or why it wasn't paid in full.

Additional option for submitting invoices online

You can also use our online portal, My Provider Services, to submit your invoices and supporting documents to us. This online portal is a fast and easy way to save draft invoices, attach additional documents to your invoice, get confirmation when we receive an invoice, and see status and payment details.

To get started, you’ll need to set up an online services account with us. To learn more, watch this video for instructions on setting up your My Provider Services account.

Log in or create an account

Contact our Payment Services team with any invoicing questions.

Checking your payment status

The fastest, easiest way to check the status of your invoice is through our online check invoice status tool.

Check Invoice Status

If you need more detailed invoice data, you can also use My Provider Services, which allows you to filter invoices by date range, invoice number, or claim number.

Need more information?

We're here to help. Please contact our Payment Services team.