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Submitting reports & invoices

Using our reporting and invoicing forms is the easiest way for you to get paid for your chiropractic services. Our fee schedule lists rates and codes to use when billing. You can invoice us through Teleplan or by fax, and you can check your payment status online.

Chiropractor fee schedule

The rates we pay for your services are in our:

Only services listed in the fee schedule can be covered.

Most services have flat fees and include up to eight weeks of treatment. In addition to services, we pay for things like X-rays and phone consultations.

Treatment for spinal cord injury has a separate fee code and is billable only after the first eight weeks of treatment.

Requesting treatment of more than eight weeks

If the person requires treatment lasting more than eight weeks, you'll need to fax us an:

Please send your request by the end of the sixth week of treatment at the latest.

If your request is approved, refer to the Fee Schedule for the appropriate fee code. Then bill us per visit per day.

Chiropractor reports

Please complete our required reports:

Be sure to indicate if you’re using the forms for your initial report or for a progress report. Initial reports are due within three business days of the first visit. Progress reports are due on the fourth week or at discharge, whichever comes first. Include your plans for clinical recovery and a return to work, or recommendations on how to proceed.

Chiropractor invoices

Please submit your invoices electronically within three business days of the service, using the Teleplan system.

If you can't fill out the required fields, you can instead fax us your:

Using the following correct reports and codes will help us pay you sooner:

With every invoice, we'll send you a remittance statement with explanation notes where applicable, including why an item wasn't paid, or why it wasn't paid in full. 

If you treated a person before the claim was accepted, and we later accepted the claim, please reimburse the person and bill us based on our fee schedule.

People who see you for work-related injuries might decide to have other areas treated too. In this case, you will need to bill them personally for any treatment not related to the injury. Please make sure they understand and acknowledge that we can only pay for treatment of areas related to a work-related injury.

Please note: At this time our online portal, My Provider Services, is not set up to receive the Chiropractor’s Report (8C/11C). Please continue to submit your reports and invoices to us through Teleplan or by fax.

Checking your payment status

The fastest, easiest way to check the status of your invoice is through our online check invoice status.

Check Invoice Status

Need more information?

We're here to help. Contact our Payment Services team.