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Billing & reporting

We want to help you get paid as quickly as possible for treating injured workers. Here you'll find an overview of our reporting and invoicing requirements, including injury and reporting codes, and GST and PST. Keep in mind that we must pre-approve some treatments and services.

Fee codes for your practice

There are specific fee codes and dollar amounts that you can bill for your practice. Please review your contract or visit health care Provider Types or Rehabilitation Programs & Services for that information.

Reporting and invoicing requirements summary

The fastest, easiest way to submit reports and invoices to us is through our online portals. Learn more about our online billing options.

Please ensure you use the report form templates that we provide for your service, where applicable. You’ll find them for your area of practice in Health Care Provider Types or Rehabilitation Programs and Services

Some providers, such as physicians and hospitals, can submit their reports and invoices electronically via Teleplan. You can learn more at the Teleplan Support Centre.

The fastest, easiest way to check on your payment is through our online check invoice status.

Check invoice status

If you need more detailed invoice data, most providers also have the option to use My Provider Services which allows you to filter invoices by date range, invoice number, or claim number.

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As a service provider or supplier to WorkSafeBC, you determine if your supplies and services are subject to taxes. If reporting taxes on your invoice, please be sure to:

  • Include your GST registration number.
  • Specify the GST and/or PST tax amount for each line item or use a clear indicator, such as a checkmark, to show which items are taxable.

This information is essential for us to be able to process your invoice. If you do not indicate the tax per invoice line item, we may return your invoice unpaid and request that you correct and re-submit it to us.

For providers billing through Teleplan, when completing your reports and invoices, please use our codes to indicate the injury you treated and the services you provided. These are the codes you may need:

Please use these Side of Body codes:

Left L
Right R
Left and right B
Not applicable (for body systems, a major body part, or multiple parts) N

Here's how to ensure payment for your services is processed quickly:

  1. Use our report form templates: If reports are required, complete reports using our form templates and include all required information.
  2. Use our online billing and reporting options: The fastest, easiest way to submit invoices and reports is through our online portals.
  3. Double-check the fee codes: Incorrect or missing fee codes are among the most common reasons for delays in payment.

Need more information?

We’re here to help. Please contact our Payment Services team.