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When it comes to health and safety, small actions can make a safer workplace for everybody

As an employer, you are responsible for workplace health and safety planning. Building a strong workplace health and safety culture helps prevent workplace injury, disease, and death.

Engage your workers in health and safety

By ensuring that your workers are represented, engaged, and participating in occupational health and safety, you can contribute to a healthier and safer workplace.

Engage with your workers to identify health and safety risks at your workplace and follow up with a plan to minimize them. Or simply have a conversation about safety with your team, build on their input, and ensure they feel heard.

Build a culture of health and safety at your workplace

Little things can lead to a big difference when it comes to workplace health and safety culture and setting the tone for how to work safely. So take steps to create a better and safer workplace for everybody. For example, you can:

  • Talk to your workers about health and safety and ensure they feel heard, so you can build trust and create a safer workplace for all.
  • Have regular health and safety meetings to show your team that you value their input and well-being.
  • Identify health and safety risks together and develop a plan to manage them.

Small actions can lead to big results when it comes to health and safety. Start today and enhance your health and safety culture and performance.