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It takes people from a wide range of disciplines to make B.C. a safer place to work. We have many different types of jobs, in areas like insurance, health and safety, finance and accounting. A few of these jobs are profiled below.

  • Business analyst
    Business analyst

    Our business analysts help shape our work processes so we can effectively provide valuable products and services to our stakeholders.

  • Case Manager
    Case manager

    Our case managers work with people injured at work, their employers, and a team of professionals to provide claims and rehabilitation services.

    Watch video: Meet a case manager

  • Customer care agent
    Customer care agent

    Our customer care agents are the first point of contact for people injured at work, employers, the medical community, and others.

    Watch video: Meet a customer care agent

  • Developer

    Our IT team members play a crucial role in establishing, monitoring, and maintaining information technology systems and services across the organization.

    Watch video: Meet a developer

  • Disability awards medical advisor
    Disability awards medical advisor

    Our disability awards medical advisors work with injured workers and case management teams to make a difference in the lives of working people all over B.C.

    Watch video: Meet a disability awards medical advisor (physician)

  • Insurance services representative
    Insurance services representative

    Our insurance services representatives are the first point of contact with employers who call us about their insurance coverage.

    Watch video: Meet an insurance services representative

  • Medical advisor
    Medical advisor

    Our medical advisors work with case management teams and community physicians to make a difference in the lives of working people all over B.C.

    Watch video: Meet a medical advisor (physician)

  • Occupational hygiene officer
    Occupational hygiene officer

    Our occupational hygiene officers work with employers and workers to prevent occupational diseases and illnesses by addressing physical, chemical, and biological health hazards in the workplace.

    Watch video: Meet an occupational hygiene officer

  • Occupational safety officer
    Occupational safety officer 

    Our occupational safety officers build safer workplaces by ensuring employers and workers understand and comply with health and safety regulations.

    Watch video: Meet an occupational safety officer

  • Policy analyst
    Policy analyst

    Our policy analysts develop policies that aim to keep B.C. workplaces safe and guide our team in providing services to employers, workers, and others.

  • Psychology advisor
    Psychology advisor

    As part of an interdisciplinary case management team, our psychology advisors apply their academic and clinical background to help people who have been injured at work.

    Watch video: Meet a psychology advisor

  • Job Profile - Recovery and return-to-work specialist
    Recovery and return-to-work specialist

    Our recovery and return-to-work specialists partner with injured workers, health care providers, and others to help people injured at work return-to-work successfully.

  • Staff auditor II
    Staff auditor II

    Our staff auditors provide a wide variety of internal assurance services to help us manage risk.

  • Vocational rehabilitation consultant
    Vocational rehabilitation consultant

    Our vocational rehabilitation consultants assess the impact of workers' injuries on their employment potential and determine appropriate vocational rehabilitation benefits.

    Watch video: Meet a vocational rehabilitation consultant

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