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Policy and Practice Consultative Committee

Date and time: August 5, 2009 – 9:00 a.m.

Location: RC22A42 – Policy and Research Division Boardroom

Agenda August 2009

No. Subject Type Time
1. Minutes from June 3, 2009 Meeting (Roberta Ellis) Written/Decision 5 min
2. Review of Status Report & Feedback Calendar (Rachel Fisher) Written/Verbal 10 min
Policy & Regulations
3. CMS Update (Diana Miles/Joe Pinto) Verbal 15 min
4. Mental Stress (Roberta Ellis) Verbal 5 min
5. Bronchogenic Carcinoma in Asbestos-Exposed Workers (Louise Kim) Written/Verbal 10 min
6. Special Hazard Classification Criteria (Gerry Paquette) Written/Verbal 20 min
7. Annual Classification Decision Cycle (Cameron Angus) Verbal 10 min
8. Strategic OHS Policy Framework Update (Roberta Ellis/Anne Burch/John McNamee) Verbal 10 min
9. Styrene & Formaldehyde - Occupational Exposure Limits (Anne Burch) Verbal 15 min
10. Revision of Assessment Practice Directives (PD1-1-0(A))
(Syrus Bacha/Linda Love)
Written/Verbal 10 min
11. Communications Between Employers and Prevention Staff following Request for Review of Order (Betty Pirs) Verbal 15 min
12. 2010 Strategic Overview – Dates, Location & Attendance Planning (Roberta Ellis) Verbal 10 min
13. PPCC Review Report Recommendations Update (Rachel Fisher) Visual/Verbal 20 min
Other Business
14. Invitation to Dedication of Panels at Convention Centre Handout No discussion
15. Chronic Stress: Jurisdictional Overview
(Reading Materials only – for discussion at September meeting)
Reading materials No discussion
16. G3.23 Young or New Worker Orientation and Training Reading materials No discussion
17. G4.22.1-1 Late Night Retail – Definitions and Money Handling Procedures Reading materials No discussion
18. G4.58(4)(b) Prior Approval for Wire Rope Guardrails Reading materials No discussion
19. G5.48-2 Annual Revisions to Exposure Limits Reading materials No discussion
20. G5.48-11 Establishing Exposure Limits Reading materials No discussion
21. G8.17(2) Face Protection – Alternate Standards Reading materials No discussion
22. G11.2-4 Tilt-Up Construction Reading materials No discussion
23. G14.34.1 Operator Certification Reading materials No discussion

Next Meeting: September 29, 2009; 9:00 a.m. – RC22A42 Policy & Research Division Boardroom