Current Public Hearings & Consultations

As part of our policy development process, WorkSafeBC undertakes extensive public consultation on regulation and policy issues. WorkSafeBC is required to hold a public hearing before changes can be made to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (the Regulation). In many cases, WorkSafeBC’s OHS Regulatory Development process includes additional public consultation prior to public hearings to provide stakeholders with at least two opportunities to comment on the proposed changes.

Notices of the public hearings on regulations are posted on the WorkSafeBC website and in newspapers and are held in various locations throughout the province. Key employer and worker stakeholders are also notified.

While WorkSafeBC is not required to consult with stakeholders on policy issues, the Policy, Regulation and Research Department (PRRD) has a comprehensive consultation process which includes pre-consultation with key worker and employer stakeholders and additional public consultation. Generally, a discussion paper on the policy issue is posted on the WorkSafeBC website for the general public and email notification is sent to subscribers of the PRRD newsletter. Key employer and worker stakeholders are also notified of policy consultations.

Policy Consultations and Public Hearings

Current Consultations

Current Consultations Consultation Deadline Public Hearing Deadline
July 2024 public hearing on proposed changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation   July 26, 2024

OHS Guidelines

The Prevention Practice, Quality, and Engineering Support department is responsible for the development and update of OHS Guidelines for specific sections of the Workers Compensation Act and the Regulation. OHS Guidelines are interpretive documents that are intended to assist in the application and interpretation of requirements of specific sections of the Act and Regulation.

The guideline development process involves subject-matter experts from WorkSafeBC, as well as industry and labour representatives and affected stakeholders, thoroughly reviewing regulatory compliance issues and reaching practical, workable resolutions that are communicated in guidelines.

Prospective Guidelines

Prospective guidelines are posted in advance of OHS Regulation effective dates to give the stakeholder community an opportunity to review the requirements and provide feedback on the content. If you have questions or comments, please email

There are no prospective guidelines at this time.

Guidelines in Preliminary Posting

New and revised guidelines are posted for a 60-day preliminary period during which time the stakeholder community can comment and request revisions. If you have questions or comments, please email

Guidelines in Preliminary Posting

Guideline Preliminary Posting End Date
G19.25 Assurance in writing July 8, 2024