Proposed policies regarding duty to cooperate and duty to maintain employment

The Workers Compensation Amendment Act (No. 2), 2022 (Bill 41) amended the Workers Compensation Act to add a duty to cooperate and a duty to maintain employment. These new provisions will come into force January 1, 2024.

Our Policy, Regulation and Research Department is releasing a discussion paper with proposed policies to provide guidance on these new provisions.

The four proposed policies to support the new duty to cooperate and duty to maintain provisions are entirely new policies; these additions are not highlighted or bolded.

The discussion paper, proposed policies, and information on how to provide feedback can be accessed through the following link:

You can provide feedback on the proposed policies in one of three ways:

(a) Comment link:

This consultation is now closed.

(b) Email:
(c) Mail: Lavinia Floarea
Policy, Regulation and Research Department
P.O. Box 5350, Stn. Terminal
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5L5

The consultation period ended September 1, 2023.

WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors will consider stakeholder feedback before making a decision on the policy amendments.

Please note that all comments become part of the Policy, Regulation and Research Department's database and may be published, including the identity of organizations and those participating on behalf of organizations. The identity of those who have participated on their own behalf will be kept confidential according to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.