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Workers Compensation Act – Compensation Provisions for Insurance Assessment

"Compensation Provision" is a defined term

Compensation Provision is defined in section 1 of the Workers Compensation Act (Act), and means a provision of:

(a) Division 3 of Part 1 – Scope of Compensation Provisions;

(b) Part 3 – Workers’ Compensation System;

(c) Part 4 – Compensation to Injured Workers and Their Dependants;

(d) Part 5 – Accident Fund and Employer Assessment; and

(e) Part 6 – Review of Board Decisions.

Section 1 also provides other definitions, which apply throughout the whole Act.

The following table provides links to Divisions of the Act specifically relevant to insurance assessment.

Division Title Act Sections Division
Part 1 - Scope of Act
Interpretation 1 1
Scope of Compensation Provisions 4 to 8 3
Part 5 – Accident Fund and Employer Assessment
Accident Fund and Assessments for Purposes of Fund 239 to 248 1
Special Assessment Rules 249 to 251 2
Collection of Assessments 252 to 266 3

In addition to the "compensation provisions" of the Act, some sections of Parts 7 – Appeals to Appeal Tribunal, and 8 –Workers’ Compensation Board and General Matters, also apply to insurance assessment matters.

The BC Laws site provides an unofficial electronic version of the Workers Compensation Act. The Province holds copyright and the official, printed version of the Act can be obtained from Crown Publications.