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Course review

The page is for use by course developers and other stakeholders who may submit a training and/or certification program for approval by WorkSafeBC. Interested parties are encouraged to read the course review package in its entirety prior to developing a training and/or certification program.


Within the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation, various clauses identify mandatory training. Specific training and certification must be conducted in accordance with an acceptable training standard, or be provided by a person or agency acceptable to the Board. The actual words "accepted by" or "approved by" or "acceptable to" will appear along with "the Board" or "WorkSafeBC" in the section of the Regulation or Act related to the training and/or certification. The following training and/or certification programs require approval or acceptance by WorkSafeBC:

Activity Applicable section of the OHS Regulation
Occupational first aid attendant OHSR 3.15
Crane operator OHSR 14.34.1
Commercial diver OHSR 24.12
Traffic control person OHSR 18.4(1)
Persons working up to the adjusted limits of approach OHSR 19.27
Persons conducting electrofishing OHSR 19.41(a)
Blasters OHSR 21.5 to OHSR 21.8
Fire fighter (forestry operations) OHSR 26.3.1(1)
Danger tree risk assessor OHSR 26.11(1)(b)
Faller OHSR 26.21(1)(a) & OHSR 26.22

Only training and/or certification programs that require approval by the OHS Regulation will be considered for course review.

Submission criteria

Professional assistance may be required to develop a training and/or certification program. Whether developed by the submitter or by a consultant, certificate and/or training programs should abide by best practices in adult education, quality assurance and quality control methods. The following elements are required for WorkSafeBC to conduct a course review:

  • DACUM or job analysis chart
  • Certification and/or training scheme
  • Course outline
  • Instructional materials
  • Participant materials
  • Test blueprint
  • Assessment tools
  • Media resources
  • Quality assurance and quality control policies and procedures

Please refer to the course review package for an expanded explanation of the required elements for course review.


The Application for Course Review Form is submitted electronically to Certification Services by the program developer(s).

  • Decision made regarding program’s eligibility for course review

  • Applicable fee is paid
  • Electronic and hard copies of all required elements are submitted to Certification Services
  • Preliminary review is conducted
  • Technical review conducted by subject-matter experts (SME)
  • Curriculum review conducted by Certification Services
  • Program quality assurance and quality control policies and procedures review conducted by Certification Services
  • Pilot (beta test) observed by Certification Services
  • Decision letter issued by the Manager of Certification Services

Please note that materials may be returned to the program developer(s) for revision at any point during this process.


a) The program developer(s) is an employer registered with WorkSafeBC and there will be no charge (directly or indirectly) to any workers who take the course. The program developer(s) will not derive any revenue from conducting the course.

In this circumstance there is no fee for course review.

b) The program developer(s) will derive revenue from conducting the course. The program developer(s) may be an employer registered with WorkSafeBC, or they may be an employer from outside of B.C., or a post-secondary institution or a private, or public, training provider. The key is that the program developer(s) will charge a fee, to either workers, employers, or other interested parties, to take or provide the submitted training and/or certification program.

In this circumstance the fees are as follows:

Course length
Up to 7 hours (1 day) $5,000
7+ to 35 hours (2–5 days) $10,000
35+ to 70 hours (6–10 days) $15,000
70+ to 105 (11–15 days) $20,000
105+ to 140 hours (16–20 days) $25,000