Course review

This page is for use by course developers and other stakeholders who may submit a training and/or certification program for approval by WorkSafeBC. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Certification Services at before developing a training and/or certification program.


In the Workers Compensation Act (Act) and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (Regulation), various clauses identify mandatory training. Specific training and certification must be conducted in accordance with an acceptable training standard or be provided by a person or agency acceptable to the Board. The actual words “accepted by” or “approved by” or “acceptable to” will appear along with “the Board” or “WorkSafeBC” in the section of the Act or Regulation related to the training and/or certification. The following training and/or certification programs require approval or acceptance by WorkSafeBC.

Activity Applicable section of the Regulation
Asbestos abatement worker 6.2.1
Blaster 21.5–21.8
Commercial diver 24.12
Concrete pump operator 20.26.6
Crane operator 14.34.1
Danger tree risk assessor 26.11(1)(b)
Electrical safety: Working up to the adjusted limits of approach 19.27
Electrofishing operator 19.41(a)
Faller 26.21(1)(a) and 26.22
Fire fighter (forestry operations) 26.3.1(1)
Occupational first aid attendant 3.15
Traffic control person 18.6.2

Only courses for training and/or certification programs that require approval or acceptance by WorkSafeBC will be considered for review.


We are currently updating course review timelines and workflows. This page will be updated to reflect the revised course submission and review process in late 2024.