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Mental Health Treatment

When people have a work-related injury or disease, we help them get the health care and rehabilitation services they need. This may include consultation with a mental health professional.

New report templates available

On June 1, 2023, we updated some of our report templates and our reference manual for this program to reflect abilities-focused language, including new discharge status categories. Please use the updated templates available in the Resources section below. To learn more, read the bulletin on abilities-focused language.

Overview of services

The mental health treatment services we provide include:

  • Resiliency support service
  • Mental health recovery and return-to-work treatment
  • Transition support service
  • Supplemental service

Services are provided by our network of contracted mental health professionals and programs across B.C., which includes registered psychologists, registered clinical counsellors, and registered clinical social workers.

Access to psychiatric and occupational therapy support may also be arranged.

Becoming a provider

Understanding occupational health, and the significance of return-to-work are important aspects of becoming a mental health treatment service provider. You must also meet key performance standards in order to remain qualified to provide mental health services to injured workers. Most mental health service contracts are long term and are open for bidding to all qualified professionals every few years. Ongoing applications may be considered for under-served areas of B.C.

To become a provider, you need to apply when the bidding process begins.

We post notifications on Bid Opportunities when services are required. All the information you need, including how to submit your bid, will be in the posted documents.

Bid Opportunities also lets you sign up for automatic bid notifications. This service emails you whenever one of these bids is posted.

Getting started

Once you have a contract, our Procurement Services department will assign you a unique payee number, which you'll use in all communications with us.

Any mental health treatment is only payable when it has been authorized under the claim. We provide authorization in the form of a referral, which you will receive through the Provider Portal. The referral will detail the services we have approved for the injured worker.

Submitting reports and invoices

Using our reporting and invoicing forms through the Provider Portal is the easiest way for you to get paid. Once you've billed us you can check your payment status online.

The referral letter we send you will explain what services we have approved for an injured worker. Missed appointments and services not listed in the referral letter will not be covered.

The following forms for the different types of service will help you complete your treatment reports. At the top of each form, you'll find instructions for completing and submitting it to us. Type your information and complete all required sections when using the following:

Resiliency Support Service

Recovery and Return-to-Work Standard

Transition Support Service

Supplemental service

Checking your payment status

The fastest, easiest way to check on your payment is through our online tool.

Check Invoice Status

Need more information?

We want to make sure you have all the information you need to work with us as a health care provider. If you have questions, please contact us for help. You can also download a copy of our contact information.

Question about: Please contact:
Your existing contract and payee information Procurement Services
Invoicing or billing Payment Services
Information about a claim Claims Call Centre
Understanding the terms of your contract and contracted clinical services Health Care Programs