Medical Supply Services

When people have an injury at work, their treatment may require medical supplies. Any medical supply vendor in the province may provide approved disposable supplies to injured workers. For durable supplies, all orders are referred to medical suppliers under the Master Standing Agreement (MSA).

Overview of services

We divide medical supply services into two types, each with its own criteria:

1. Disposable medical supplies

For the most part, these are single-use items or ones that need to be refilled, such as:

  • Catheters
  • Oxygen systems
  • Wound dressings
  • Needles and syringes

You don't need to be part of our contracted network to provide disposable medical supplies to injured workers.

2. Durable medical supplies

These are items that can endure repeated use, such as:

  • Manual and powered wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair tilt/recline systems
  • Wheelchair seating systems
  • Power scooters
  • Hospital beds and pressure relief mattresses
  • Lifting devices and slings
  • Bathroom aids
  • Aids for daily living
  • Therapy equipment

For durable medical supplies, all orders are referred to medical suppliers under the MSA. For more information, visit the B.C. government's webpage, Mobility Devices and Durable Medical Equipment.

All durable and disposable medical supplies must be approved by WorkSafeBC before they are provided to an injured worker. In addition, certain durable medical supplies require a purchase order. The fee schedules list the items requiring a purchase order.

Becoming a provider

WorkSafeBC, in conjunction with the B.C. government, has an agreement for the supply of mobility devices and durable medical equipment with a network of providers under the MSA, which comes up for bidding every few years. To become a provider, you need to apply when the bidding process begins.

For more information and to register for future bid opportunities, visit BC Bid.

Submitting reports and invoices

Please submit a quote to WorkSafeBC for pre-approval of Durable Medical Supplies using our Supplier/Vendor Quote form.

Be sure to quote only the fee items outlined in the Durable Medical Supplies and Disposable Medical Supplies fee schedules.

Please send your invoices to us within 90 days of providing supplies to an injured worker. The fastest way to get paid is by using our Supplier/Vendor Invoice. At the top of the form, you'll find instructions for completing and submitting it to us. Type your information and complete all required sections.

Please do not charge any fees directly to any injured worker who has an accepted claim with us.

Additional option for disposable medical supplies invoicing

If you’re only invoicing for disposable medical supplies, you have the option to submit your invoices through My Provider Services. This online portal is a fast and easy way to submit invoices, save draft invoices, attach additional documents to your invoice, get confirmation when we receive an invoice, and see status and payment details.

To get started, you’ll need to set up an online services account with us. To learn more, watch this video for instructions on setting up your My Provider Services account.

Log in or create an account

All the information with what you need to submit is available in the contract documents you sign with us.

Contact our Payment Services team with any invoicing questions.

Need more information?

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