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Becoming a provider

If you're operating a clinic or facility in B.C. with an orthotist, pedorthist, podiatrist, or custom shoemaker and want to work with WorkSafeBC to provide custom orthoses, customization to off-the-shelf orthoses, custom orthopaedic footwear, or off-the-shelf orthopaedic footwear, as of July 1, 2024, you must be part of our network of orthotic services providers. Please see below for information on joining our network of providers.

Getting started

In order to be a contracted provider, you must:

It is WorkSafeBC’s intention to award contracts to providers who meet the application requirements.

Chiropractors, physicians, or physiotherapists interested in providing orthotic services should contact for more information.

Open application process

At this time, we will keep the application process open to continue to receive applications and issue contracts to eligible providers.

Hospitals with in-house orthotic departments

For hospitals with in-house orthotic departments, no formal process or contract is required to work with us. Your facility must meet all the requirements of B.C.’s Hospital Act. Orthotic services may continue to be invoiced under the WorkSafeBC Health Authority Fee Schedule.