How we classify employers

Our classification system groups employers in similar industries with similar levels of risk, so we’re able to set fair rates and charge your industry the appropriate amount for your insurance.

How we assign you to a classification unit

When you register for WorkSafeBC coverage, we assign you to a classification unit based on the products you produce, the services you provide, and the processes, technology, or materials you use. If you have more than one business undertaking, we may assign more than one classification unit.

Others in your industry share the same classification unit and therefore pay the same base premium rate. This rate is further adjusted by experience rating if applicable.

Multiple classifications

We may assign you more than one classification unit if your business is engaged in two or more separate and distinct business undertakings and each generate revenue. For example, a large hotel may qualify for two classifications if it also operates a restaurant that serves the general public and has separate staff for each undertaking.

More information on classification, including multiple classifications, is available in policies 5-244-1 to 5-244-4 of the Assessment Manual.

Need more information?

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