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Community Social Services Health & Safety Association (CSSHSA)

The CSSHSA engages with the community social services sector — both union and non-union employers, as well as union and non-union employees and their respective unions — to implement best practices on health and safety.

SafeCare BC (SCBC)

Established in 2013, SafeCare BC is an industry-funded non-profit association working to ensure injury-free, safe working conditions for continuing care workers in B.C. SafeCare strives to be the industry leader in advancing injury prevention and safety training for long-term care and home support workers.


SWITCH BC — which stands for Safety, Wellbeing, Innovation, Training and Collaboration in Healthcare — is an organization focused on the health, safety, and well-being of everyone working in health care in B.C. It is a collaboration of unions, physicians, and employers. SWITCH BC is working to support province-wide innovation, prevention and training, and enhancing the culture of safety in all health care workplaces in B.C.