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Ag Youth Work Guidelines

Provides guidelines that help to match up your child's growth and development with the requirements of different farm chores.


AgSafe is dedicated to providing employers and employees in the agricultural industry with education and resources to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities. AgSafe is also a certifying parnter in our certificate of recognition (COR) program.

Canadian Agriculture Safety Association

The Canadian Agriculture Safety Association (CASA) works collaboratively with agricultural safety and health specialists and producers in all provinces and territories to promote health and safety on Canadian farms and ranches.

Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting (CAIR)

Canadian Agriculture Injury Reporting (CAIR) is an integrated national surveillance project of the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association that guides and informs the national agricultural health and safety agenda.

Canadian Centre for Rural and Agricultural Health

Conducts and stimulates research, education, and health promotion programs aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of agricultural, rural, and remote populations.

Family Farm Safety

Promotes safe, healthy workplaces and lifestyles for the agricultural, horticultural, and landscaping industries in Ontario.

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids

Farm Safety 4 Just Kids promotes a safe farm environment to prevent health hazards, injuries, and fatalities to children and youth.

Manitoba Farm Safety

Focused on making Manitoba's farms a safer place to live and work.

Saskatchewan Farm Safety

Aims to protect Saskatchewan's farmers, their families and employees. Saskatchewan Farm Safety works with many partners to prevent injuries and to promote safe work practices on the farm.