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Traffic control person training

WorkSafeBC requires that all traffic control persons (TCPs) be trained to the standards in the latest edition of the Traffic Control Manual for Work on Roadways (the Traffic Control Manual).

Get trained in B.C.

Training for traffic control persons (TCPs) is based on two types of job location. Where a worker will perform his or her job duties will determine the type of training he or she needs.

High-risk locations

Those working in high-risk locations must be trained:

  • Through independent certified trainers
  • To WorkSafeBC standards

WorkSafeBC only considers training offered by the B.C. Construction Safety Alliance and Universal Health and Safety Inc. as meeting acceptable standards and requirements.

Non-high-risk locations

In non-high-risk locations, those working in traffic control can be trained by their employers — so long as training covers all specific functions of the job.