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Marine craft operator certification

Any time a marine craft is used to transport workers, the operator must have a marine craft operator's certificate. Certificates are issued by Transport Canada under the Canada Shipping Act (federal legislation) and are not under WorkSafeBC jurisdiction.

Where to get certified

The Small Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP) Training Course covers the minimum training requirements for:

  • Commercial vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels, up to five tonnes near coastal.
  • Fishing vessels up to 15 tonnes, or 12 metres in length, operating in coastal or sheltered waters.

The Marine Emergency Duties (MED) Training Program provides mariners with a basic understanding of: the hazards associated with the marine environment and their own vessel; how to prevent shipboard incidents (including fires); raising and reacting to alarms; fire and abandonment situations; and, necessary survival and rescue skills. This training is for new entrants to the marine industry, and those who have not received any formal training in marine emergency situations. It is recommended all seafarers complete this training within six months of first being out at sea.

Visit Transport Canada for more information about marine training, examination, and certification.