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Industrial audiometric technician certification

Workers must get annual hearing tests if they are being exposed to noise that might cause short- or long-term hearing damage or loss. Industrial audiometric technicians (IATs) are authorized by WorkSafeBC to perform industrial audiometric hearing tests and recommend appropriate hearing protection devices.

Get certified in B.C.

Certified industrial audiometric technicians can work for either: a) an authorized industrial audiometric business, or b) an employer under WorkSafeBC's jurisdiction with a certified industrial audiometric facility. To become an authorized industrial autometric technician (IAT) you must:

  1. Complete the Industrial Audiometric Technician Training Course from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).
  2. Be sponsored by an employer under WorkSafeBC's jurisdiction with a hearing conservation program, or by an authorized industrial audiometric business (IAB).
  3. Submit a completed Application for Authorization to Conduct Hearing Tests Under Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 7.8 (form 51M13).