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Forklift operator training

To operate a forklift, workers do not need to be certified but must first be trained to CSA standards. Common on the jobsite, it's important all workers know how to use this equipment safely. Improper use can cause serious injuries — and even death.

Where to get trained

Workers must be trained to CSA Standard B335-15, Industrial Lift Truck Operator Training, and have passed the test before they can operate a lift truck (forklift). Workers can be trained by their employer or a third-party provider. Workers must be given upgrade training at least every three years, following the requirements of the CSA standard.

Employers must ensure drivers are properly trained and receive additional training and supervision as needed.

Additional training

If a driver must transfer propane from one container to refuel the lift truck, he or she must also have a propane handler's certificate. For more information visit the Propane Training Institute. If the refuelling process only involves changing propane cylinders, a certificate is not required.