Dangerous tree risk assessment training

If a worker will be exposed to a dangerous tree through his or her job, the tree must be felled or a risk assessment must be completed. Only a person with suitable training acceptable to WorkSafeBC can make the assessment and advise on managing the hazard.

Where to get trained

There are two training programs acceptable to WorkSafeBC:

  • In forestry operations, workers who have completed the Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor's Course, administered by the Wildlife Tree Committee (WTC), can complete a risk assessment and make recommendations for managing dangerous trees.
  • In arboriculture operations, workers who have completed the Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ), administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), can assess and manage dangerous trees in urban areas and in urban/rural interface areas.

Other training courses

WorkSafeBC recognizes that other training courses may meet the requirements for acceptable standards. If you would like to have WorkSafeBC consider an alternate course, contact Certification Services at 604.276.3090 for more information.