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Online services help Radar Hill save time and streamline processes

Published on: September 20, 2022

As a small business providing other businesses with high-quality web development and marketing services, Radar Hill knows that saving time not only saves money, but also enables them to provide better customer service to their clients. That’s why they’re continually exploring new ways to streamline their processes and increase efficiency.

So when Andrea Chan, Radar Hill’s customer success lead and person responsible for bookkeeping, heard about WorkSafeBC’s online services, she didn’t hesitate to switch the company over. WorkSafeBC’s online services offers businesses an easy, fast, and secure way to report payroll, pay premiums, view rate information, and more.

“I thought, ‘Let’s see how this can make my job smoother so I can focus on other things,’” says Andrea. “And it’s been great so far.”

The move has also coincided with the company’s efforts to shift to interacting with their clients in a digital way. Radar Hill takes care of 300 websites for various small businesses and, historically, they’ve sent paper invoices through the mail and collected payment by cheque. Now, they’ve transitioned to emailing invoices and are moving toward automated payments through credit cards and e-transfers.

“We know how important it is for businesses to avoid unnecessary hassle,” says Dan Lundgren, project coordinator and one of Radar Hill’s owners. “We’re always looking to make our billing and payment process more convenient for us and our clients, so we’re on board with anything that helps us achieve that.”

New system easy to set up and use

Reporting their payroll and paying their premiums through online services has eliminated many pain points from Radar Hill’s old process. Andrea used to have to do everything manually, from filling out paperwork to writing cheques and bringing them to the mailbox.

“Now, seeing how this system works and how I can pay online — I appreciate the efficiency!” says Andrea. She adds the system is very easy to set up, use, and navigate: “I gather the information beforehand and, once I’m in the system, it’s super clear what to do and everything is done within five minutes of me signing in. It’s fantastic.”

Signing up for online services has been very beneficial for Radar Hill and they strongly encourage other businesses to make the move as well.

“Printing off forms, filling them out by hand, getting the right signatures, and then mailing everything is a pain,” says Dan. “Filing online is one of the easiest, most efficient things you can do as a business.”

To learn more about WorkSafeBC’s online services, or to create an online account, visit Sign up for online services.