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Ocean Park Fine Meats are doing their part as a team

Published on: June 24, 2020

Shaughn, owner of Ocean Park Fine Meats in Surrey, has kept his grocery store and craft butcher open through the COVID-19 outbreak and had to implement changes quickly when it first happened. It took a lot of work and planning to determine what adjustments he and his team needed to make to keep their staff and customers safe.

Some of the changes include limiting the number of staff working at one time to ensure safe physical distancing of at least 2 metres, as well as installing plexiglass barriers, disinfecting counters multiple times each day, and ensuring hand sanitation after cash transactions.

Shaughn’s advice for employers who are preparing to resume operations is to look at what other businesses are doing, and follow what’s working. He also appreciates the importance of including staff when developing and making adjustments to the safety plan.

“The team has been fantastic,” says Shaughn. “We meet regularly and discuss what’s working and what needs more focus. It’s been very beneficial to roll out the changes as a team.”

Healthy and safe workplaces contribute to a safe and healthy province. As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and more businesses resume operations in B.C., let's all do our part.

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