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Update on proposed improvements to the Certificate of Recognition program

Published on: July 04, 2022

WorkSafeBC is proceeding with the next step in its gradual, phased implementation of proposed improvements to the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program after extensive consultation, research, development, and testing of a new health and safety management audit standard.

The improvements were proposed as a result of practices and procedures developed to support Assessment Manual policy item AP5-247-4. The improvements centre on developing a single, scalable audit standard that is aligned with current risk-based standards for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (“OHSMS”), with a focus on ensuring all elements of the system work together effectively and emphasizing the role of worker participation and leadership commitment. The existing audit standard has been in place since 2011.

To test the proposed improvements, WorkSafeBC started a proof of concept project in January 2021. Program auditors were selected to participate by certifying partners, trained on the proposed health and safety management audit standard, and asked to provide feedback until January 2022. An analysis of the proof of concept found that it was generally well received by participants and helped to confirm our thinking for the future direction of the program.

As a next step, WorkSafeBC will be revising the health and safety management audit standard and refining our implementation plan based on the results of the proof of concept and feedback from our stakeholders. We will be taking a multi-year, phased approach to implementing the improvements to ensure a smooth transition and to allow for additional opportunities for stakeholder engagement on our plans.

Please look for further updates on If you have questions about the COR program, contact your certifying partner. To contact the WorkSafeBC Partners Program, email