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New document uploader to simplify how workers submit forms

Published on: September 09, 2021

As of September 24, workers will be able to submit their completed 69W1 form to WorkSafeBC online.

The Worker’s Authorization for Release of Personal Information (69W1) is the form workers complete to authorize the release of relevant medical records from treatment providers to WorkSafeBC.

Currently, workers complete the form, sign it, and then mail it, return it by fax, or drop it off at one of our regional offices.

As of September 24, workers will have another option. They will be able to complete a fillable PDF of the form, sign it, and submit it directly to their claim file all in one sitting — from the comfort of their computer or personal device, making it easier for workers to provide authorization to WorkSafeBC.

By offering workers the ability to submit their form online, we aim to expedite recommendations and referrals for appropriate treatment, helping workers recover and return to work in a safe and timely manner.

To learn more, refer to the Question & Answer: Submitting Form 69W1.