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POA Decision – 2002/12/17 - Ongoing Regulation Review 2003 Workplan

The former Panel of Administrators ("Panel") approved a workplan to guide the regulation review process for 2003. The workplan provides guiding principles for regulation review, mechanisms for issue identification; criteria for issue prioritization and regulation development; and, identification of roles and responsibilities for participants. Specific items proposed for review are identified in the workplan. The workplan also establishes a consultation process to ensure that the regulation review process is conducted in a transparent and accessible manner that provides for meaningful participation by affected workplace parties. The stakeholder consultation process will consist of three phases: • macro-based consultation facilitated through a stakeholder advisory group established by the Bureau; • industry sector specific consultation during the regulation development process; and, • public hearing on final proposal and draft amendments. Although the former Panel adopted the workplan, the Bureau will continue to consult with stakeholders on the proposed issues scheduled for review and will continue to seek assistance in identifying new issues for review.

Meeting Date: Dec 17, 2002 File type: PDF (31 KB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision