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POA Decision – 2002/02/19-02 – Consolidation of Prevention Policies in the Prevention Manual

The Panel of Administrators approved the consolidation of various policies from the Prevention Division Policy and Procedure Manual into the Prevention Manual. The effective date for the consolidated policies is April 1, 2002. On that date, the Prevention Manual policies set out in Appendix "A" to the attached resolution became "published policy" and the Policy and Procedure Manual policies in Appendix "B" to the resolution ceased to be policy. The consolidated policies appear in the new Manual format. They continue the substantive requirements of the Policy and Procedure Manual policies as those requirements existed prior to April 1, 2002, with any necessary wording changes to reflect legislative and regulatory changes since the Policy and Procedure Manual polices were issued. The consolidation of these policies and the retirement of a number of Policy and Procedure Manual policies are part of the larger project that will eventually result in all prevention policies being consolidated into the Prevention Manual and/or retired as appropriate.

Meeting Date: Mar 18, 2002 File type: PDF (49 KB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision