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POA Decision – 2001/11/26-01 – Policy Changes Concerning the Assessment of Permanent Psychological Disability

The Panel of Administrators has approved a new disability Table to be used for assessing the percentage of disability resulting from a permanent psychological impairment under section 23(1) of the Workers Compensation Act. In 1998, the Panel adopted an interim table of percentages of disability for psychological impairment. In addition, the Panel directed that a Psychological Disability Committee be established to review the interim table and to make its final recommendations to the Panel. The Committee presented its recommendations to the Panel. As a result, the Panel approved a new Table as Board policy, and consequential amendments to the Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual ("RS&CM"). The new Table adopts the interim table with the following three modifications: 1. like levels of severity of disability are treated consistently 2. the range of percentages are adjusted to more finely differentiate the degrees of disability, and 3. disability ratings are made in five percent increments. The Table is incorporated as policy items #113 - 115 in the Permanent Disability Evaluation Schedule in Appendix 4 of the RS&CM. The revised policy is effective on December 31, 2001.

Meeting Date: Nov 26, 2001 File type: PDF (581 KB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision