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POA Decision – 2000/03/16-03 – Strategy for Retiring Workers’ Compensation Reporter

The Board’s "published policy" currently includes Workers’ Compensation Reporter Decisions No. 1 — 423, as well as the policy manual(s) for each area of the Board’s responsibilities. In order to reduce the number of sources of "published policy", the Panel approved a strategy for consolidating Decisions No. 1 — 423 into the various policy manuals, as appropriate, and retiring the Decisions over time. As the first stage in this process, the Panel approved the retirement of certain Decisions of a generally historical nature effective May 1, 2000. The remaining Decisions will be reviewed in the context of future policy projects and consolidated with new policy as appropriate and then retired. Eventually all of Decisions No. 1 — 423 will be retired. An Index of retired Decisions, with an explanation of the concept of retirement, appears on this website. The Index will also appear as an Appendix to each policy manual.

Meeting Date: Mar 16, 2000 File type: PDF (9 MB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision