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POA Decision – 2000/03/16-02 – Bladder Cancer in Aluminum Smelter Workers

The Panel of Administrators approved changes to policy item #30.10 of the Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual. The changes are based on current scientific and medical knowledge regarding the relationship between bladder cancer and work in the potrooms of an aluminum smelter. The two stakeholder groups primarily affected by the policy change were consulted and their feedback was presented to the Panel of Administrators. The changes are meant to: • reflect current scientific evidence that benzo-a-pyrene is a better predictor of bladder cancer risk among aluminum smelter workers than benzene-soluble materials; • clearly set out the criteria upon which these claims are to be adjudicated; and • facilitate consistent and timely decision-making based on current scientific information. The approach taken in the policy is consistent with that taken in Quebec –the only other Canadian jurisdiction that has aluminum smelters and that recognizes bladder cancer as an occupational disease specific to aluminum smelter workers. The revised policy is effective April 28, 2000

Meeting Date: Mar 16, 2000 File type: PDF (3 MB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision