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POA Decision – 2000/01/21-05 – Procedural Safeguards for Selective/Light Employment

The Panel of Administrators approved amendments to the Board's policy on selective/light employment as provided in policy item #34.11 of the Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual. Selective/light employment is a temporary work alternative, offered by an employer, that is intended to promote a worker's gradual restoration to the pre-injury level of employment. The Board supports selective/light employment as an important component of a worker's rehabilitation and recognizes the value of maintaining an injured worker's positive connection to the workplace. Policy item #34.11 was amended to clarify the conditions that must be met prior to an injured worker undertaking selective/light employment and to specify situations where a Board officer will intervene to ensure that the employment is suitable. The policy was also amended to specify the factors that should be considered when determining the reasonableness of a worker's refusal to accept an offer of selective/light employment. The amendments came into effect on April 1, 2000.

Meeting Date: Jan 21, 2000 File type: PDF (3 MB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision