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POA Decision – 1999/08/24-01 – Classification of Employers and Independent Operators

The Panel approved a new classification system to the Board’s assessment system, effective January 1, 2000. Employers and independent operators will now be grouped into classification units and rate groups (subclasses) based on new criteria. This is designed to reduce the cross-subsidization between different industries which occurs under the current classification system. This should result in improved equity for employers and better application of incentive programs aimed at reducing injuries and the cost of injuries. Corresponding changes have been made to sections 36 and 37 of the Workers Compensation Act.

As part of the resolution, the Panel approved provisions for eliminating the current subclass account balances when the Board moves to the new classification system. Deficits will be written-off and surpluses will be credited back to the employers in those subclasses over a period of up to five years.

Meeting Date: Aug 24, 1999 File type: PDF (2 MB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision