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POA Decision – 1999/07/12-01 – Establishment of a Structure to Oversee Research

At its June 15, 1999 meeting, the Panel of Administrators gave approval in principle to the establishment of a Research Secretariat to oversee the income stream from a $30 million reserve that was set aside for research in 1998. The purpose of the Secretariat is to bring the necessary focus and governance to research and the related expenditures and to ensure accountable, continued scientific study as well as dissemination and application of research outcomes. At its July 19, 1999 meeting, the Panel approved the structure of the Research Secretariat. The Secretariat will report to the Panel through the Panel Chair and will comprise a Director and a small complement of existing WCB staff. The Secretariat will review proposals, support the work of a Research Advisory Committee (composed of worker and employer representatives) and ensure strong links with the research community and other research organizations. See Appendix A of Resolution 990712-01 for more detail on the structure of the Secretariat. The operation of the Secretariat will be reviewed in 36 months to ensure that it is effective in bringing about the necessary focus, accountability and governance to research and the related expenditures.

Meeting Date: Jul 12, 1999 File type: PDF (2 MB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision