POA Decision – 1999/01/12-03 – Schedule B, Item 8 – Respiratory Irritation

The Panel approved amendments to Schedule B and corresponding policy language to better reflect current scientific/medical knowledge. The Panel also amended the "Description of Disease" to provide a more detailed description of the acute respiratory conditions involved. Reference to "excessive exposure" in the "Description of Process or Industry" was replaced by "exposure to high concentration [to a number of substances] that have irritating or inflammatory properties". Corresponding changes were made to relevant policies in the Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual (RSCM #29.10, #29.20, and #30.50). Additional policy language regarding claims for chronic respiratory diseases was also adopted (RSCM #29.10). The effective dates of this amendment will be 30 days after first publication in the Gazette.

Meeting Date: Jan 12, 1999 File type: PDF (378 KB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision