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POA Decision – 1998/11/13-01 – Occupational Disease Codes

Assessment Policy Manual No. 30:50:52 and Rehabilitation Services and Claims Manual No. 115.30 provide that claims costs for certain occupational diseases are to be excluded from consideration for experience rating purposes. The excluded occupational diseases are listed by name and statistical code in each policy. The use of the particular code does not determine whether a claim is excluded for experience rating purposes – a claim is excluded if the disease is listed in the policies. The statistical coding system for injuries and occupational diseases has been changed. The references in these two policies are obsolete. The Panel has decided that, rather than changing the codes in the Manuals, the codes should be deleted from the policies. The statistical codes are used solely for internal administrative purposes to flag the claim when it comes time to do the experience rating calculation and can be identified by internal directive.

Meeting Date: Nov 13, 1998 File type: PDF (818 KB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision