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Discussion Paper - The Process of Deeming

Overview of Consultation

The Policy and Regulation Development Bureau sought comments on a consultation paper on "The Process of Deeming". This was the first of two discussion papers on the topic. The second paper would deal with the issue of growth and costs associated with the deeming process. A final presentation would be made to the Panel of Administrators once consultation on both topics concluded.

This discussion paper provided an overview of the consultation process and the format used. This was followed by a discussion on the main issue of adjudication guidelines for the assessment of employability. This issue addressed concerns about the Board's definition of "suitable" and "reasonably available". This issue also included consideration of:

  • guidelines with respect to the role of vocational rehabilitation in achieving employment and employability outcomes (Tab A);
  • the degree to which the Workers' Compensation Board should encourage or promote accommodation of injured workers in the workplace (Tab B);
  • the extent to which non-compensable factors should be considered when determining a loss of earnings (Tab C); and
  • whether the Board should require a worker to relocate (Tab D).
Consultation closed August 31, 2000.