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Discussion Paper - Methods for Calculating Assessment in the Fishing Industry

The Policy & Regulation Development Bureau requested comments on the paper on "Methods for Calculating Assessments in the Fishing Industry".

In an effort to address outstanding stakeholder concerns, the Board reviewed the methods it used to calculate assessments in the fishing industry. At time of consultation, the Board calculated assessments in the fishing industry in three ways:

  • • On the wages and salaries paid to fishers (wages & salaries method)
  • • On the gross crew share of fish settlements (settlement method)
  • • On the gross purchase price of fish less 40% (60/40 formula)

Through on-going stakeholder consultation, the Board identified a number of alternative options for calculating assessments in the fishing industry.

Consultation ended April 30, 2001.

Consultation Deadline: Apr 30, 2001 File type: PDF (54 KB) Asset type: Discussion Paper