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Discussion Paper - Draft Assessment Manual

Table of Contents

The Panel of Administrators ("Panel") directed the Policy and Regulation Development Bureau ("Bureau") to re-develop the Assessment Policy Manual ("existing Manual") in a new policy manual format. This format was adopted for the Prevention Manual and would be eventually extended to the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual as well.
The draft Assessment Manual ("draft AM") was the Bureau's preliminary response to the Panel's direction. It was reviewed by a small "technical committee", composed of representatives of the Employers' Advisers and the Workers' Advisers, and their comments were incorporated into the draft. The draft AM was still a "work in progress" and required further attention. However, the Bureau considered that re-development process would benefit from exposing the draft AM to the workers' compensation stakeholder community as a whole.
For ease of access, the draft AM was broken down into five PDF files:

  • Table of Contents
  • AP1-1-1 to AP1-15-1
  • AP1-37-1 to AP1-42-3
  • AP1-45-1 to D6-97-1
  • Appendix A
Two companion documents were prepared to assist readers in identifying how policies from the existing Manual and from volumes 1 - 6 of the Workers' Compensation Reporter were incorporated (or deleted) in preparing the draft AM:
  • Disposition of Policies from Existing Assessment Manual
  • Disposition of Assessment Decisions from Volumes 1 to 6 of the Workers' Compensation Reporter
Consultation closed August 30, 2002.