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Compensation Practice Directive: #C4-2 — Activity-Related Soft Tissue Disorder (ASTD) Claims

Activity-related soft tissue disorders (ASTDs) are defined in policy as a diverse group of soft tissue disorders of the extremities which may or may not have been caused or aggravated by employment activities.

Some conditions that fall under the ASTD group of conditions may be adjudicated as a personal injury under section 134 of the Workers Compensation Act (Act) or as an occupational disease under sections 136 to 138 of the Act, depending on the diagnosis and circumstances.

Determining whether an ASTD is due to the nature of a worker’s employment under sections 136 to 138 requires an analysis of risk factors relevant to the causation of ASTDs.

Effective Date: Aug 9, 2005 File type: PDF (282 KB) Asset type: Practice Directive Practice Directive Number: C4-2