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BOD Decision — 2023/11/09-07 — Reformat of Chapter 5, Wage-Loss Benefits

BOD Resolution

At its November 2023 meeting, WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors (BOD) approved the repeal and replacement of all the policies in Chapter 5, Wage-Loss Benefits, in the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual, Volume II, to bring the chapter into the new policy format and give it a new title: Wage-Loss Benefits and Return to Work Obligations.

The reformatted chapter reorganizes and consolidates 29 policy items into 6, and supports the new policies approved by the BOD in response to the legislative requirements introduced by Bill 41, Workers Compensation Amendment Act (No. 2), 2022, relating to return to work obligations (see BOD Decision 2023/11/09-06).

Changes to policy on the determination of a worker’s retirement date, to be published in the updated policy format as Item C5-34.20, Wage-Loss Benefits and Retirement Date, were approved contemporaneously in BOD Decision 2023/11/09-09.

The revised polices in this Decision apply to all decisions made on or after January 1, 2024.