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BOD Decision -2011/11/08-02 – Miscellaneous Prevention Policy Amendments

The ongoing review of Occupational Health and Safety (“OHS”) policies identified eight obsolete policies for deletion, and one that required amendment.
At their meeting on November 8, 2011, the Board of Directors approved the policy changes, effective December 15, 2011.

The following is a list of the policies and a summary of the rationale for each:

Deleted Policy Items

D2-111-2 First Aid Competitions

This policy is now obsolete since first aid competitions are not required.  It set out rules for First Aid Competitions that were conducted by the Board.

D4-138-1 Employer Must Post Committee Information

The practice portion requires Division 4 orders to state that section 138 of the Act requires them to be posted for a year.  A computer system change was made so that this information is now automatically included in all applicable orders.

R3.19-1 First Aid Records

This policy is obsolete.  It was created for a prior version of the regulation.

R4.3-2 Welding of Forks on Forklift Trucks

Part of this policy is redundant since the requirements are already addressed by the regulation.  The other part eliminates officer discretion by requiring it in all cases where certification is not available.  As with Policy R8.21-1, eliminating the policy will allow officers to exercise the discretion they have in relation to other equipment.

R8.21-1 Leg Protection

This policy eliminates discretion and prohibits officers from writing leg protection out of service in any circumstances.  As with Policy R4.3-2, deleting this policy will allow officers the same discretion they have in relation to other equipment.

R4.43-1 Stacking Materials - Steel Pallet Racks

This policy focuses on factors which are no longer appropriate for ensuring stability.  Elimination of this policy will ensure the focus is on the regulatory requirement that the racking will be stable and secure. 

R8.11-1 Safety Headgear - General Requirement

This policy is redundant since the topic is addressed by the Regulation, which includes applicable standards.  A guideline also explains the topic.

R31.10-1 Firefighting - Volunteer Firefighters

This policy provides guidance only and the same content is in a guideline.

Amended Policy Items

D2-111-3 Board Approval

The first sentence of this policy was deleted and the last paragraph was amended.  The changes clarify that acceptances are not a general endorsement or certification by WorkSafeBC.


Meeting Date: Nov 8, 2011 File type: PDF (135 KB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision